Stoka Bar Cereal

    • Like the hardcore crunch in your cereal, with all the wholesome keto-friendly ingredients that's put us on the map?? Then look no further. Stoka Cereal will have you feeling like there's an earthquake of delicious crunchiness in every bite. We've put just enough Coco in there to satisfy your chocolate cravings, for those moments when you feel like you could eat an entire chocolate bunny. Don't do it. Keep at least one bag on hand and let the chocolate bunnies live. Our cereal plays well with your favorite nut milk, yogurt, ice cream, gelato, or even as a delicious topper on a salad! The possibilities are endless.
      More Krunch • Less Carbs ~ Stoka Cereal! 

      1 serving is approximately 1/2 Cup (1.8oz)

      There are approximately 6.6 servings in this package.