• SAWANS High Quality Strong Elastic Hip Circle Bands.Your new Strong Elastic Hip Circle Band is Suitable for both men and women at any fitness level!
  • LOWER BODY WARM-UP ACTIVATION/STRENGTH-PERFECTED Effectively warm up your hips, legs, glutes, quads, ankle, thigh, and butt with no other equipment or machine.
  • Excellent stretching warm up method for Power lifting, weightlifting, and many other workouts.Increase flexibility fast and effectively.Our hip Circle band will provide you with all the support you need to avoid or recover from injuries.
  • SUPER-SOFT & COMFORTABLE MATERIAL This heavy-resistance hip Circle band is made of breathable, 100% skin-safe,high-elasticity materials.Extreme flexibility to help you lock into your workout.
  • Strong elastic ideal for activating lower body muscles.EXTRA DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE. Sizes Available: Small 11'' Medium 13'' Large 15'' X-large 17'' 3" Wide Size Recommendations by Body Weight Medium: For Under 120 lbs (54.43 Kg) Large: For 121 lbs to 260 lbs (54.88 Kg to 117.93Kg) Extra Large: For Over 260 lbs (117.93 Kg) 100% money back guarantee.. ((ORDER-NOW!))

Sawans Glute Resistance Band

SKU: 0009
Color: Blue Black Stripe
  • SAWANS Glute Resistance Band - Hip Warm Up Activation Circle Ideal Before Gym Hip Health Warm Up Squats Grip Exercise Strength Band Super-Soft